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Stages of formation

Like any relationship, the call to religious life needs time and space to develop and blossom. So when anyone joins us, time and space are given to listen to the God who calls, to deepen the relationship with him and follow in his service.

A vocation to religious life is a story of love. It is a story of a desire, of a hunger for God. We stay because we are hooked by love and not by the promise of personal fulfilment.
Adapted extract from Meister Eckhart

This happens in the following stages.

The Pre-Novitiate or Candidacy Period

is a time when the young woman is gradually introduced into the Dominican way of life, to discern her call to religious life in our Congregation.

The Novitiate Period

is the time when the young woman (novice) is initiated into the life of our Dominican Congregation and its mission within the Church and society. It provides help to develop a deep relationship with Christ and discern her call, leading to a free and joyful commitment in our Congregation.

The Juniorate Period

is a time to further deepen the relationship with Christ, to identify with our Dominican charism and to become rooted in our international communities, prior to a freely chosen commitment through perpetual vows.

Ongoing Formation

reminds us that the living out of the vowed life is an on-going process in which we continue to grow and mature in our relationship with Christ, and in the service of the people of God.

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