Dominican Missionary Sistersof the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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What we study

Is God interested in this world and also in me? One of the ways in which we try to find answers is by study.

Our search is a daily involvement in contemplation and study to discover a loving God.

Study of the world

In the first instance this means studying the world we live in, the reality around us, its diverse manifestations of joys and pain; of peace and strife, of justice and the lack of it; of what is truth; what constitutes authentic progress and what furthers the good of people, the environment and the world as part of the universe.

We search for the presence of the good, which often lies hidden beneath daily events, for a God who to all appearances may seem very tangibly present, or totally absent.

The needs and problems of people we meet or read about in daily newspapers, periodicals, see on TV, or the trends we look at more thoroughly in social analysis – all of these describe part of that reality and are an essential aspect of our study. We also try to get an understanding of history, traditions, cultures, religions, and the environment.

Study of the Scriptures

In order to move to a deeper understanding and interpretation, a more holistic perspective, we study and reflect on Scripture and see what the Word of God reveals to us – about God’s interest in, and love of, the world and ourselves. This is where we contemplate more intensely the face of a God who in Jesus has shared our joys and sufferings, who died and rose, and who shows us lasting values and the way to genuine happiness.

Academic study and training

We also undertake some academic study and professional training so that in our ministries we can pass on the Good News and that our presence may give expression to hope and light.

Extract from Constitutions 55

The study of the Word of God,the traditions of the Church,
and of the signs of the times, is an essential component of the life of each Dominican.
Therefore, study is an obligation of each sister,
and reaches its fullness when shared in community.
It leads to a reflective attitude of mind
toward the Word of God,
and the thoughts and needs of the people
to whom we minister.